Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a random hello blog is up & running!

I've finally started my new blog for my new shop!
Head on over to

GPC Blog Revamp

We have finally revamped our blog!
We've added a navigation bar to the top of our page to make it easier for our readers to learn ABOUT US, become fans on FACEBOOK, visit our SHOPS, and CONTACT US. Thanks to Blogger's many templates, we've also changed our blog template.

Though we have been missing-in-action for quite some time, we are hoping to get back on track with our updates. I'm also working on setting up my  blog for my new a random hello Etsy shop.

Our next big event is a mass overnight babysitting gig for our church's adult choir retreat. We will be preparing activities for about 20 kids to keep them busy while their parents attend workshops and what not. I'll probably be focusing on playing my favorite Disney dvds while Jenn holds clay classes in the other room. 
Must remember to pack my "Meet the Robinsons" dvd!