CHLOE "Brain Freeze!"
Specialties: paperclips, felt, buttons, paper goods, K-pop
Other interests: sewing, photography, doodling, musical theater, concert going, spontaneous singing and dancing
Favorite color(s): Anything bright or neon especially turquoise and yellow
If I were an animal...: giraffe or zebra

SORA "Green Peas?"
Specialties: ceramics, painting, drawing, cupcakes
Other interests: knitting, cross stitching, singing, anime, sleeping in the living room, playing songs on repeat for multiple days
Favorite color(s): green & pink
If I were an animal...: kitty

TURSH "Frozen Peas?"
Specialties: baking, costume design, set design, stage managing
Other interests: memorizing musical lyrics, singing in the car, cross stitching, dancing in the kitchen
Favorite color: rasberry red
If I were and animal...: un elefante