Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Peas Part 2: Our Story

I realized that our original 'Meet the Peas' post from April, really didn't tell much about us... So, I figured I'd give a better introduction of ourselves now that all of us have at least posted once... This post might be a little spaztic, well, because I'm writing it, but please bear with me :)

So let's start with the basic questions...

-Who are we and how did we form?
The Green Peas consists of 3 members: Chloe (that's me), Tursh, & Sora. All of us are currently 4th year students at the University of California, Irvine. I'm a Business Economics major (possibly Management minor), Tursh is a Theater major and Management minor, and Sora is a Studio Art and Sociology double major and Education minor. Basically, Tursh & I knew eachother since junior high school but didn't become close friends until our first year in college, where we met Sora, who lived next door to Tursh's dorm room. For our 3rd year in college, we became roommates and soon became best friends :D We often joked about how one day we should open up a shop where we'll sell all the stuff that we make. Which is when I figured that we should start a blog together!

- What's with the name?
We were having a bit of trouble thinking of a name for our blog... then one day we were in the food court at the Ontario Mills Mall where I was drinking my iced lemonade drink when I yelled, "Ahh BRAIN FREEZE" ... the other 2 had NO IDEA what I had said... I think I repeated myself a couple times, then Sora asked, "Green Peas?!!?!" and Tursh was like, "Frozen Peas?" It has hilarious.... trust me it was... doesn't sound so funny or interesting written out like this, but you just had to be there. Eventually, once we got back to the apartment, we decided on the Green Peas. Sora drew our first 'logo' (the one in our banner) and I made the first blog post with the Meet the Peas post :)

- What's with the peas in the logo?
Well Sora drew them, each to resemble one of us. The one that is winking in Tursh, the one with the pink cheeks in Sora, and the one in the middle is me :)

- What's with OUR names?
Those of you who know us in person know that Chloe, Tursh, and Sora aren't really our names... They are more like nicknames or usernames. If you ever meet us in person, you can find out our real names... but for now, we'll stick to our nicknames. Anyways, I chose Chloe for my name because I wanted to pick a name that had a good meaning and wasn't so common. I looked up girl names and I ran across Chloe and I really liked it. (for those of you who know me... no, I didn't name myself after Baby Chloe... she was born after I had started using the name)... Tursh is like her nickname-ish thing :) so it just worked out... and Sora is Sora's Korean name ...
If you know us well enough, you'll be able to match us up simply by seeing what stuff we've made...

I hope that was a satisfying little info session... I'm uber sleepy right now so I'm just going to bounce for now :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prep For My First 'Sale'

Rings, Pouches, & Hair Clips... By Chloe

About 2 weeks ago I got a message from my friend Sarah, asking me if I wanted to share a table with her for a Floorsale that's going on at the Koreatown Galleria on August 29th... and I accepted. I've never made anything to be sold to the general public before so I really had no idea where to begin. My friend Sarah, on the other hand, has already started up her company, Little Seed, which makes REALLY cute handmade goods... so she's got some experience...

Anyways, the day after I got the message, I went out to buy materials to make stuff with... Eventually, I decided to make paperclip rings, fabric pouches and hair clips. Here's all the different styles that I have made so far...

I'm just having a bit of trouble sizing the rings... Next time I'll make sure to get a ring sizer so that I could actually know what size the rings are cause at this point they are being measured as... my ring finger, index finger, thumb, and loose-on-thumb lol...

ALSO, Sora is going to be selling some of her ceramics with us too :) although she hasn't started making any yet... *cough cough*

I'm definitely excited for this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JYP & the Wonder Girls Project

Pouches, Cards, & Stamping... By Chloe
Early July I entered a contest to be able to win a chance to meet the Wonder Girls... Who are the Wonder Girls? They are a Korean pop girl group who have debuted in America with their single Nobody, and are currently touring with the Jonas Brothers... So anyways, in a nutshell, I put together gifts for each of their members and their producer (who is also a singer, whom I'm a HUGE fan of...) After I got home from the meet and greet, I found that JYP, himself, uploaded a picture of me and him with gifts I gave him on his twitter, giving a little thank you shout out :) It seriousl MADE MY DAY/NIGHT... If you want to know all the details about the meet and greet go check out my personal blog love=music=life
I handmade each of their pouches, cards and their embellishments and stamped each of the mini notepads and the travel journal...

The last photo is a close up of the embellishment I added to the shirt I wore to the meet and greet... keeping with the same theme as the pouches :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Costume Sketches

Here's me living up to my nickname... "Lazy Lady"... I haven't blogged yet! So here's some old stuff that I've been too lazy to post...

First is my costume designs for Antigone, based in 14th/15th century Japan. Based off Samurai ideals, Japanese traditions, etc....

Isemene... Renamed Sakura, designed in a traditional Japanese kimono with soft and fragile designs such as cherry blossoms and fans to show her delicate nature, Japanese writing on trim translates to peace

Tiresias... Renamed Rikou, designed as a tradition Buddhist monk with Dharmachakras (Buddhist wheel of law) as accents on trim.

Haimon... Renamed Aka, designed in traditional male Japanese clothing (can't remember the name), fabric is decorated with images of tree branches and leaves to represent his more natural character and both his masculine and sincere side. Japanese lettering on his trim translates to free will.

Creon.... renamed Monosashi, designed in traditional male clothing that is very similar to Haimon (Aka), however, he is shoulder blades are made more prominent and masculine with the wider top showing his masculinity and authority as well as giving him an unbalanced upside down triangle shape. The decor on his fabric is a combination of sharp triangles to match his rough presonality as well as a pointed star family crest. The Japanese characters on his trim translate to power.

Antigone... Renamed Kyouko, designed in a half traditional Japanese kimono, half Samurai warrior outfit. Her kimono is designed with a more masculine, warrior type print and would be distressed to show her lack of care for a woman's traditional role. Her warrior armour is based off the Samurai with a Japanese crest to show her care for family.

Ok, this one's not Antigone in Japan.... obviously. This was an assignment for class to recreate images or free hand sketch from a model. I took this picture from Make Me a Supermodel because I loved the dress. I recreated in my own more cartoonish style (realistic isn't really my thing).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stepped on

This is another painting from my II class, but it has an interesting story :P... this is a 14in by 11in canvas, and during one class, we needed 6 of them. We were instructed and timed on each painting. Each canvas would need to be completely painted in 2 to 4 minutes. These would be done with 20-30 second intervals, so I would quickly place my completed paintings on the floor next to me.

Then the professor walks by me and I move to get out of her way and mistakenly stepped on this painting. Everyone "freaks out", but everything is settled after I look at it and absolutely love it!

We are then asked to pick one of the 6 completed fast paintings and think of it as not completed, then 'complete' it. I could not be able to paint this is two minutes, but because of the extra three days allowed for it's completion, here is my "Stepped on"

Key points:
~the footstep is covered by "dotting" the brush with different number (size) brushes
~the generic landscape background is only there to set up the reason why the footstep, side hand print, and fingerprints are there

Sleeping Wolf Mother and pup

This is a painting assignment from my painting I class as my final work of the term.
-key pieces:
~texture of the ground and plants are physically closer than that of the animals
~colors of the dark background versus the lighter animal colors
~use of different brush techniques as experiments from a basic painting class

Painting of Combination

This piece was created for an assignment in my painting II class, from a random draw of sketches of two abstract forms
-the key pieces are:
~the different planes that each object is in
~how each object leans at a different angle
~the movement of the ribbons and background brush strokes

Green peas for Green Peas!!! hahahaha

I was going to a potluck dinner where my friends were all bringing some type of meat, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring vegetables... hahahah... very sugary vegetables XP

Goldfish in a Swirling Ocean Cupcake

goldfish in a swirling ocean!

Angels Resting on Clouds Cupcake

angels resting on clouds

(close up)

Angel on Clouds Cupcakes

angels on clouds
-their heads and arms are reaching out

(close up)

Animal Trio

all three together!!! XD

Ceramic Elephant

ceramic elephant :P
-made with unfired stoneware

Ceramic Bear

ceramic bear :D
-made with unfired stoneware

Ceramic Kitten

ceramic kitten :3
-made with air dray clay

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally a new post!

CUPCAKES! (by Sora & Chloe)

Sora came over to my place last Friday to help me bake & decorate cupcakes for the graduating elementary class at our church. They were to have a pool party the following day so I took it to the party. UNFORTUNATELY, by the time the cupcakes got to the students, most of the frosting had melted so they didn't look as pretty as they did on Friday :(

I took these photos on Saturday morning, when the frosting was already starting to melt (it's most evident on the faces) either way the kids REALLY enjoyed the cupcakes... so yay for us and the graduating class!

- Chloe