Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stepped on

This is another painting from my II class, but it has an interesting story :P... this is a 14in by 11in canvas, and during one class, we needed 6 of them. We were instructed and timed on each painting. Each canvas would need to be completely painted in 2 to 4 minutes. These would be done with 20-30 second intervals, so I would quickly place my completed paintings on the floor next to me.

Then the professor walks by me and I move to get out of her way and mistakenly stepped on this painting. Everyone "freaks out", but everything is settled after I look at it and absolutely love it!

We are then asked to pick one of the 6 completed fast paintings and think of it as not completed, then 'complete' it. I could not be able to paint this is two minutes, but because of the extra three days allowed for it's completion, here is my "Stepped on"

Key points:
~the footstep is covered by "dotting" the brush with different number (size) brushes
~the generic landscape background is only there to set up the reason why the footstep, side hand print, and fingerprints are there

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