Friday, August 14, 2009

Costume Sketches

Here's me living up to my nickname... "Lazy Lady"... I haven't blogged yet! So here's some old stuff that I've been too lazy to post...

First is my costume designs for Antigone, based in 14th/15th century Japan. Based off Samurai ideals, Japanese traditions, etc....

Isemene... Renamed Sakura, designed in a traditional Japanese kimono with soft and fragile designs such as cherry blossoms and fans to show her delicate nature, Japanese writing on trim translates to peace

Tiresias... Renamed Rikou, designed as a tradition Buddhist monk with Dharmachakras (Buddhist wheel of law) as accents on trim.

Haimon... Renamed Aka, designed in traditional male Japanese clothing (can't remember the name), fabric is decorated with images of tree branches and leaves to represent his more natural character and both his masculine and sincere side. Japanese lettering on his trim translates to free will.

Creon.... renamed Monosashi, designed in traditional male clothing that is very similar to Haimon (Aka), however, he is shoulder blades are made more prominent and masculine with the wider top showing his masculinity and authority as well as giving him an unbalanced upside down triangle shape. The decor on his fabric is a combination of sharp triangles to match his rough presonality as well as a pointed star family crest. The Japanese characters on his trim translate to power.

Antigone... Renamed Kyouko, designed in a half traditional Japanese kimono, half Samurai warrior outfit. Her kimono is designed with a more masculine, warrior type print and would be distressed to show her lack of care for a woman's traditional role. Her warrior armour is based off the Samurai with a Japanese crest to show her care for family.

Ok, this one's not Antigone in Japan.... obviously. This was an assignment for class to recreate images or free hand sketch from a model. I took this picture from Make Me a Supermodel because I loved the dress. I recreated in my own more cartoonish style (realistic isn't really my thing).

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